Discover a Choice of Social Media Marketing Training Options

1-Day Social Media Marketing Course

This cutting-edge social media marketing and networking course is delivered as part of the 5-Day COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program. The training will help you to enhance your reputation, increase your sales, build your brand, generate advocacy and trust, and build closer relationships with your customers. During the training you will gain an introduction to social media marketing to start your own social media game plan™

What will you learn?

Introduction to Social Media

  • What is social media?
  • Social media networks and social media applications
  • Realise the benefits
  • Understand the challenges and avoid the pitfalls
  • Learn how to avoid wasting time
  • Gain valuable insights into online networking using social media

Your Social Media Game Plan

Using expert strategic advice and tips, get started with your own Social Media Game Plan.

  • Learn how to search engine optimise your profiles, links and content
  • Find out the right online networks to invest your time and energy
  • Learn and develop social media ideas for your web site
  • Discover how social media connects to your other marketing activities
  • Understand how to generate online advocacy and leverage social media as a viral marketing channel.

Hands-On Applications Workshops

Discover at least three technologies suitable for your industry and find out how to to employ them effectively.

  • Hands-on training
  • Set-up and get started with social media networks
  • Understand how to engage with your audience
  • Complete your Social Media Game Plan

Organisations who hold the 5-Day COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program at their offices, can enable selected staff to plug into this training as a singular 1-day course.

COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program

Learn Online

You can access social media marketing, content and customer experience training through our self-study courses and online courses:-