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Digital Marketing Manager
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5-Day Digital Marketing Management Program - COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager

Attract and Engage! This leading-edge digital marketing training course and qualification (Certificate in Online Business™) from the Digital Skills Authority, will help you develop and implement a powerful digital marketing strategy, maximise your sales and enhance your brands reputation.

The COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program is a high-quality consultative digital marketing course delivering expert insights and powerful hands-on workshops. You will experience a real-world approach to learning, and apply it to your projects - both in real-time and after the course. The small sized classes enable focus on you and your projects.

Course Provider(s)

The COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program is offered as consultative classroom course or through our NEW blended Live Online and E-Learning Course. It is delivered by Licensed Trainer Provider partners or Digital Skills Authority's own academy. For a more bespoke experience, our network offers an on-site consultative program which can combine with our full trio of management programs. Alternatively, places can be booked with any member of our network of training providers globally. Classroom programs will return in 2022.

Training Providers

Oman Ministry of Education

"I will strongly recommend anyone who would like to improve his/her skills in planning for digital marketing to attend the course because they will get step by step learning of the process and strategies. It will definitely add new skills to them". Naema Alibimani, Portal Marketing team Oman Ministry of Education


"I highly recommend the content strategy training day. It's very interesting and informative.  The hands-on exercises were particularly useful.", Emma Bishop, Product Manager, Skype