Pay-Per-Click Advertising Lessons


PPC Advertising

Learn how to implement an optimised PPC Campaign!

Essential training for any business owner or marketer, plannng or implementing a pay-per-click advertising campaign.  On day 3 of the COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program, you will gain practical learning throughout the course to reduce your costs and increase your sales, delivered by our highly experienced Google Adwords trainer.

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During the training you will:-

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of search engine marketplace.
  • Write a search engine marketing strategy specific to your industry.
  • Learn how to create and manage an effective pay-per-click campaign.
  • Find out how to analyse and modify your campaign reports for maximum return on investment.
  • Learn practical cost-saving tips.
  • Discover the latest technogies and tools provided by leading social networks and search engines.
  • Find out how to employ PPC tools for Market Intelligence.
  • Learn how to implement PPC for mobile devices.
  • Participate in hands-on exercises


What will you learn?

  • Google Adwords Campaign Strategy
  • The Latest Features from Google Adwords
  • Target specific geographical locations
  • Scheduling Ads
  • Leveraging Google Adwords as a Business Intelligence Tool
  • Mobile Campaigns and Features
  • Techniques and Tips for Writing Great Ads
  • Bid and Keyword Optimisation
  • Adwords and Landing Pages
  • Display (Banner Ad Campaigns) implementation
  • Choosing sites based on audience demographic
  • Creating campaigns on
  • Creating campaigns on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin