Targets & Objectives

From Learning to Action

During and/or further to the course, you or the team members you send on this premium executive/leadership program, are encouraged to build a list of targets and objectives. They should:-

  • Assess and contribute to the improvement of your organisations email marketing, social media marketing, SEO and digital advertising activities
  • Develop or work collaboratively to develop creative marketing and advertising campaigns to engage your target audiences to buy, subscribe and interact
  • Develop an effective digital advertising plan, to maximise return-on-investment
  • Develop an effective social media game plan™ to support branding, enhance your reputation and support sales generation
  • Build and manage an effective multi-channel marketing team, or contribute as part of that team
  • Select and work effectively with resources including staff and suppliers
  • Lead or contribute to the enhancement of corporate or brand web sites to maximise online engagement, usability and sales
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