Learn how to create a powerful e-business strategy!

E-Business Strategy and Planning

E-Business Planning - Recipe for Success

Learn how to plan effectively for online business to save time, resources and money. This valuable e-business strategy and planning training will equip you with the necessary tools to develop and plan your e-business strategy.

This training is delivered as part of the following courses:-

E-Business Strategy
  • Understand the meaning and scope of e-business
  • Find out what models fit your business
  • Discover the essential elements of a strategic plan
  • Discover and discuss a variety of e-business revenue models
  • Learn planning using the Echo E-Strategy Methodology™
  • Start your own Strategic Plan
E-Risk Management
  • Identify and manage e-business risks
  • Learn how to avoid disasters
  • Discover the importance of contingency planning
  • Learn about potential security risks
  • Understand e-Risks and why management is essential to any organisation building an online presence
  • Discover legal and reputational risks
  • Learn how to formulate organisational E-Risk Guidelines
E-Project Management - An Introduction for Managers
  • Understand the scope and scale of e-business projects
  • Find out how to successfully manage e-business projects
  • Identify e-project challenges and special considerations
  • Get a definition of successful e-business projects
  • Discover how to select and work with developers and agencies effectively
  • Gain an experts insight into cost-saving project management tools