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Deborah Collier


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For over 10-years, Deborah has used and taught businesses how to attract, engage, grow and retain a Twitter following. A 'Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officer in the World', Deborah has a 30,000+ organically grown Twitter following, and an astonishing audience reach of 3.08 million (retweet reach). The relevance of her following is not the number, but the quality and influence of those following her from media, business and education.

Discover some of Deborah's expert tips in this valuable FREE Lesson:

  • Learn how to employ Twitter effectively for business
  • Avoid wasting time and money
  • Discover how to gain relevant followers
  • Get tips to increase followers quickly
  • Learn how to engage your followers
  • Find out how Twitter can be used to boost your search engine ranking
  • Gain invaluable tips to enhance your reputation and brands, build relationships and boost sales

The interaction online lesson takes up to 1-hr to complete.

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Featuring in Both Courses:

  • Introductiion to E-Commerce (Meet the The Certificate in Online Business founder, and gain some interesting e-commerce business growth statitistics
  • Elements of a successful storefront (revisited)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (A powerful non-technical explanation of how SEO works, with some expert know-how)
  • Building Consumer Trust (Revisited)
  • Twitter for Business (Learn how to gain Twitter followers and engage your audience without paid advertising)

COB Certified E-Business Manager Exclusive Lessons:

  • Achieving Ultimate E-Business (Get an overview of what you need in order to achieve ultimate e-business)
  • E-Business Strategy, Planning & Management Quiz (Test your elementary knowledge)

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Exclusive Lesson

  • Web Merchandising Workshop 2 (Get a flavour of what you will gain from your Web Merchandising lesson in the COB Certified E-Commerce Manager E-Learning Course)

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