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The Certificate in Online Business (COB)            

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COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Self-Study Course (2nd Edition) £495

This practical self-study e-commerce course version of the globally established 5-day COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Program from the Certificate in Online Business™ (COB), combines a boxset of six powerful books with access to cutting-edge e-learning.

  • Six valuable COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Course Books
  • Web Merchandising Exercise Pack
  • Cost and time-saving downloadable templates
  • E-Learning voucher:-
    • 90-days access to around 25-hours of high-impacting interactive online lessons and workshops (compatible with Tablets, Windows & Mac PCs)
  • ISBN: 978-0-9576641-4-2
  • Author: Deborah M. Collier for The Certificate in Online Business™(COB)
  • Exam attendance is optional and can be purchased separately

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Loughborough University

"The COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Self-Study Course has been very advantageous to my role and future career. The course is detailed enough for both the complete e-commerce novice or those with some experience. Well worth it if you are thinking of setting up or already running an online store." Jo Brewin - Online Store Manager/IT Service Specialist Loughborough University

Master the Art of Online Selling!

This valuable sales and customer-focused e-commerce self-study course will help you plan and implement a powerful online store and sell your products and services effectively.

Is this course for me?

The COB Certified E-Commerce Program is suitable for anyone involved in managing the implementation or the sales of an online store. This course is ideal for the following people:

  • E-Commerce Directors and Managers
  • Heads of Online
  • Web Merchandisers and Store Managers
  • Business Owners

How will I benefit?

There are a number of practical benefits to following our non-technical e-commerce management program. Here are some of them:-

  • Learn how to engage your customers to subscribe, buy and interact
  • Gain valuable tips to increase your sales and reduce costs
  • Understand and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls
  • Discover new technologies and tactics for e-commerce
  • Learn how to attract customers to your store
  • Complete high-impacting practical workshops
  • Study to become a COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

"I chose to undertake the Self-Study E-Commerce Manager course so that I could study in my own time, whilst managing my work and personal commitments. I found the course very enjoyable. The topics covered exactly what I wanted to learn across the key areas of E-Commerce Management. I gained confidence in my existing knowledge and useful insights into other areas. I would certainly recommend the course to other e-commerce professionals, especially those who have come to e-commerce through other business disciplines" Jen Dargue Web & E-Commerce Manager at AMG Group

Your online lessons, powerful guides and workbooks will give you the following learning:-

E-Commerce Planning

Discover how a profitable store should be implemented or improved for your business!

  • What is E-Commerce?
  • E-Commerce advantages and disadvantages
  • Why do customers buy online?
  • Online store considerations and choosing the right storefront solution
  • Developing requirements for stock, tax, shipping and accounting
  • Secure online payments - requirements pitfalls and benefits
  • Introduction to e-commerce law

Content Strategy and Customer Experience

Engage your customers to buy, subscribe and interact!

Your downloadable e-book 'Content Strategy & Customer Experience Workbook', and online lessons give you access to the following essential learning:-

  • Learn how to plan, prepare and publish engaging, marketable, valuable and accessible web site content, that will attract and retain users and customers.
  • Understand, target and engage your audiences effectively
  • Learn how to powerfully present your ideas, information and other content online to maximise sales
  • Learn optimal web writing and search engine optimisation techniques

Web Merchandising

Discover powerful techniques to merchandise your products and services to maximise sales, with the powerful online lessons and downloadable e-book 'Web Merchandising for Maximum Sales'.

Digital Marketing

Learn how to market your online store, products and services effectively to your target audience, in an engaging way.

Your downloadable e-books 'Email Marketing Best-Practice Guide' and 'Introduction to Digital Marketing & Advertising', and online lessons will give you the following essential learning:-

  • Learn how to develop your marketing plan
  • Find out what traditional marketing and digital marketing channels will work best for your business
  • The art of effective messaging
  • Introduction to digital advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Banner and video advertising
  • Viral and affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Introduction to social media marketing and online PR

What else?

Included with training pack of six books, e-learning voucher and web merchandising product card pack, you'll have access to online quizzes, hands-on exercises, revision practice questions, and useful time and cost-saving templates.

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How long will the course take?

The length of time it takes to complete the course, depends on each individual. The modules, exercises and books take around 25 hours to complete, with an expected total of 35 hours of total study.

The COB Certified Manager certifications are industry-developed, globally recognised qualifications.

COB stands for Certificate in Online Business™ and there are three 'Certificates in Online Business'.

Established since 2008, leading brands from all around the world send delegates on the COB Certified courses.

About the Exam

Each box set is registered to one individual only and includes a unique candidate number. Individuals cannot attend an exam without either attending the COB Certified classroom course, purchasing the relevant self-study course or e-learning only edition subscription.

To ensure the authenticity of our examination process, delegates taking their exam are required to produce their unique candidate number and proof of identity.

The exam consists two practical written parts:-

  • 1hr 30 minutes hand-written question and answers - Part A
  • 1hr 30 minutes e-commerce case study - Part B
  • The pass mark is 70%

Taking the Exam

Exams are taken at COB Certified Authorised Testing Centres (ATCs).

Our Authorised Testing Centre partners include universities, professional institutes and government organisations around the globe. Browse centres from the links below:

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Exam Administration Fees £200

COB Certified E-Commerce + E-Business Manager - Special Dual Paper Exam Administration Fees £300

Exam Invigilation Fees - Paid direct to Authorised Testing Centre (ATC)Fees range from £50 - £150 depending on the ATP

Our classroom courses, e-learning and self-study courses have helped startups and SME business as well as owners, directors, managers and teams at leading organisations such as:-
  • Saudi Post
  • John Lewis
  • Royal Canin A Mars Company
  • Schneider Electric
  • Croatia Airlines
  • National Australia Bank
  • Kenwood Electronics
  • Roary the Racing Car - Chapman Entertainment
  • South African Post Office
  • Skype
  • House of Fraser
  • Loughborough University
  • Saudi Stock Exchange
  • Orange
  • Dune Group
  • Zain Group
  • Warner Music Group
  • Information Technology Authority - Sultanate of Oman
  • Brady Corporation
  • Historic Scotland
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • The Landmark London
  • SABIC - Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
  • Thales-Raytheon

Testimonials from both our self-study and classroom course testimonials give buyers a good indication of the quality of the learning they will receive.

View our Self-Study Course Box Set Reviews & Ratings  Classroom Course Testimonials

The COB Certified E-Commerce Manager training programs focus on successful online selling

The COB Certified E-Business Manager Self-Study Course

This leading e-business certification course covers online business as a wider subject, rather than focusing only on e-commerce. It includes training on e-business planning and strategy, e-risk management, e-business revenue models and e-project management, instead of the web merchandising training provided in the COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Self-Study Course. Exams are charged at an additional fee.

Self-Study Box Set £495 »     Dual Certification Box Set Bundle Options »     E-Learning Only Course £349 »

Compare COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Course Options

Having trouble viewing the below self-study versus classroom comparison table? Download as PDF

Course Content and Benefits Self -Study Course / E-Learning Course 5-Day Classroom Course
An Introduction to E-Commerce
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
How to Accept Secure Web and Mobile Payments
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
How to Avoid Chargebacks and Fraud
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
How to Choose the Ideal E-Commerce Storefront Solution/How to Prepare Requirements
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
E-Commerce Store Planning - Category, Product and Shipping Workshop
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Web Merchandising Introduction and Masterclass
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Introduction to International E-Commerce Law and Taxation
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Advanced Web Merchandising Workshop
Not offered on this program
Offered on this Program
Content Planning and Information Architecture Workshops
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Wireframing Workshop (Optimising Web Page Layouts)
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
The Art of Online Customer Engagement
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Sales Psychology and Selling Over the Internet
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Web Writing and SE0 Workshop
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Introduction to Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Digital and E-Business Branding
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Social Media Marketing and Strategy
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Best-Practice Email Marketing and Strategy
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
An Introduction to Banner, Affiliate and Video Advertising
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Pay-Per-click Advertising + Introductory Workshops
Offered on this Program
Offered on this Program
Additional Advanced Expert Opinion and Insights
Not offered on this program
Offered on this Program
Exam Administration and Certification
Not offered on this program

Exam administration purchased separately or as box set add-on
Offered on this Program
FREE - High-Quality Training Materials and Access to Online Resource (with Valuable Time and Cost-Saving Templates) 3 months access
6 months access
Six COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Course Guides and Workbooks
Offered on this Program
Colour Print with Box Set/ Greyscale Digital with E-Learning Version
Offered on this Program
Classroom course manual with slides
Not offered on this program
Offered on this Program
E-Learning voucher for 90-days e-learning
Offered on this Program
Not offered on this program
Classroom interaction and discussion with other delegates
Not offered on this program
Offered on this Program
First-class training at hotel or training centre venue, with daily lunch and refreshments
Not offered on this program
Offered on this Program
Expert trainer feedback during training (the exercises and your business project)
Not offered on this program
Offered on this Program
6-months trainer support (relating to course learning and materials)
Not offered on this program
Offered on this Program

Self-Study Course Box Set £495
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