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COB Certified E-Business Manager

Are you maximising online sales opportunities?

Our valuable sales and customer-focused e-commerce management training program will help you plan and implement a powerful online store and sell your products and services effectively.

  • Learn how to engage your customers to subscribe, buy and interact
  • Gain valuable tips to increase your sales and reduce costs
  • Understand and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls
  • Discover new technologies and tactics for e-commerce
  • Learn how to attract customers to your store
  • Become a COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

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E-Learning and Self-Study Versions (Exam sessions with the British Council in Dubai)
COB Certified E-Commerce Manager E-Learning Course
COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Self-Study Box Set

Alternative Classroom Course Choice

5-Day COB Certified E-Business Manager Program - Features one day of strategy, planning and management, instead of the one day on web merchandising.

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Client Testimonials

Schneider Electric

"The COB Certified E-Commerce Manager program delivers a full overview of all aspects that must be considered for e-commerce. It is based on case studies, web demos and workbooks to get the fundamentals. Deborah Collier and her team are in addition highly customer care oriented making their in-class training really pleasant".

Charly Lupart, End User Industry Marketing Director, Schneider Electric

"I found the course so beneficial".

Melanie Newell - Assistant Manager, EBay Outlet Store, House of Fraser