Targets & Objectives

From Learning to Action

During and/or further to the course, you or the team members you send on this premium executive/leadership program, are encouraged to build a list of targets and objectives. They should:-

  • Develop, take responsibility, or contribute to your organisation's e-business strategic plan
  • Identify, understand or manage e-risks or ensure that e-risks are identified and managed in the organisation
  • Assess team and supplier responsiblities for implementing e-commerce, digital marketing, online content and customer experience
  • Identify and select the right choice of suppliers for your selected activities
  • Identify current e-business activities needing improvement or change
  • Depending on job role - based on the introductory digital marketing lessons
    • identify e-marketing acivities needing improvement or change, or
    • support the marketing team to identify e-marketing activities needing improvement or change

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