Course Overview

E-Business Manager

Do you know how to implement e-business effectively?

Get anThe Certificate in Online BusinessThe Certificate in Online Businessin just 5-days! Attend the COB Certified E-Business Manager Program and learn how to increase your profits, enhance your reputation and increase efficiency! This cutting-edge course is the essential training program for organisations and individuals getting their business online or improving an existing presence.

This high-quality consultative 5-day e-business management course delivers expert insights and powerful hands-on workshops. You will experience a real-world approach to learning, and apply it to your projects - both in real-time and after the course. Our small sized classes enable us to focus our attention on you and your projects. As a premium course delegate you will receive valuable and immediate feedback about your classwork and how it applies to your organisation and e-business offering.

Who should attend this course?

Are you involved in managing, planning or improving an online presence? This course is suitable for:-

  • Business owners
  • Project Managers
  • Department Directors
  • IT, Web and Intranet Managers
  • Marketing and E-Commerce Managers*

*Should also consider our alternative COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Program or our COB Certified E-Business + E-Commerce Blended Learning Course

Please Note:

COB Certified classroom courses are NOT open to training companies, consultancies, agencies or individuals offering consultancy services, management or training in e-commerce, e-business or marketing.  

What are the benefits?

There are a number of practical benefits to attending our non-technical e-business management program.  Here are some of them:-

  • Gain a solid foundation of knowledge to start building your e-business strategic plan
  • Participate in hands-on exercises relevant to your organisation.
  • Create a plan to attract and retain visitors on your web site.
  • Identify, understand and manage risks relating to your online presence.
  • Find out how to select appropriate tools and suppliers.
  • Learn how to communicate your business requirements more effectively.
  • Get an introduction to digital marketing channels and techniques to support e-business
  • Understand the roles of different team members
  • Learn practical cost-saving tips for online success
  • Become a COB Certified E-Business Manager

Post Course Targets & Objectives

What will you learn?

The course includes four full days of training, and a final day with an essential practice workshop and two exams.

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