E-Commerce Course Overview

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

Are you maximising your online sales? Attend the leading e-commerce certification course!

Our valuable sales and customer-focused e-commerce training and certification program will help you plan and implement a powerful online store and sell your products and services effectively. Get the industry-recognised e-commerce qualification with this valuable e-commerce business course.

This high-quality consultative 5-day e-commerce management course delivers expert insights and powerful hands-on workshops. You will experience a real-world approach to learning, and apply it to your projects - both in real-time and after the course. Our small sized classes enable us to focus our attention on you and your projects.  As a premium course delegate you will receive valuable and immediate feedback about your classwork and how it applies to your organisation and e-commerce.

Who should attend this course?

The COB Certified E-Commerce Program is suitable for anyone involved in managing an online store. This course is ideal for the following people:

  • E-Commerce Directors and Managers
  • Sales and Business Development Teams
  • Heads of Online*
  • Web Merchandisers and Store Managers
  • Business Owners*
  • Project Managers*

Please Note:

COB Certified classroom courses are NOT open to training companies, consultancies, agencies or individuals offering consultancy services, management or training in e-commerce, e-business or marketing.  

*Should also consider our alternative COB Certified E-Business Manager Program

What are the benefits?

There are a number of practical benefits to attending our e-commerce business program.  Here are some of them:-

  • Learn how to engage your customers to subscribe, buy and interact 
  • Gain valuable tips to increase your sales and reduce costs 
  • Understand and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls 
  • Discover new technologies and tactics for e-commerce 
  • Learn how to attract customers to your store 
  • Become a COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

The training is designed to enable you or your staff to:-

  • Understand the roles of different e-commerce team members
  • Plan and co-ordinate the implementation or enhancement of an optimal e-commerce store, that attracts and serves the needs of your customers, optimises sales, encourages brand loyalty, reduces costs and maximises efficiency
  • Identify, understand and manage risks relating e-commerce
  • Contribute towards your digital marketing plan in line with your budget and business needs

Post Course Targets and Objectives

What will you learn?

The course includes four full days of training, and a final day with an essential practice workshop and two exams.

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