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Bespoke Online Mechandising Course

The multi-channel merchandising program developed and delivered by our founder through her consulting firm in 2009 for John Lewis, contributed to sales boosting initiatives which delivered a £60.6 million increase in online sales. In May 2016 our founder's training and enablement team joined The Certificate in Online Business, and continue to deliver and oversee training content quality

UK Retail Chain John Lewis

Ideal for both internet and multi-channel retailers, this tailored online selling course, will enable your team to merchandise your products effectively to maximise sales. This cutting-edge training will be tailored to your business to deliver a personalised experience and optimal results.

  • Gain valuable insights into selling and psychology
  • Learn to categorise your products for maximum impact
  • Learn how to merchandise products effectively for optimum sales
  • Understand how to cross-sell effectively
  • Discover tools to enhance online merchandising
  • Effective social merchandising
  • Practical Hands-on Workshops using your products

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