E-commerce Courses to Increase Your Sales

Get e-commerce training to suit your budget! Whether you are looking to start a new e-commerce store, improve your existing store, or discover ways to boost your online sales, we have an e-commerce course to suit your needs. Take a look at our choice of e-commerce courses below:

E-Commerce Course for Store Manager and E-Commerce Teams

5-Day E-Commerce Management Course

Become a COB Certified E-Commerce Manager!

A valuable sales and customer-focused e-commerce training program which will help you plan and implement a powerful online store and sell your products and services effectively.

Course duration: 5-Days including 3-hrs exams and revision exercises

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Get E-Commerce training during the COB Certified E-Business Manager Program

5-Day E-Business Management Course

Become a COB Certified E-Business Manager!

This powerful 5-day broad spectrum e-business course, includes one day on e-commerce and a day on strategic planning, e-project management and e-risk management, instead of the web merchandising day of the E-Commerce Manager course.

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The Ultimate Online E-Commerce Course - COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Self-Study Course

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Self-Study Course

Get e-commerce classes online with the ultimate online e-commerce course. If you are unable to attend the 5-day e-commerce management course, why not try the the self-study course instead.

This practical self-study course combines a boxset of six powerful books with access to cutting-edge e-learning.

Course duration (including study time): 30 - 40 hours of study

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COB Certified E-Business Manager Self-Study Course

Web Merchandising
Web Merchandising Training

The COB Certified E-Commerce Manager course includes a 1-day masterclass in web merchandising and combines perfectly with the 1-day content strategy day, also included in the program

Web Merchandising training is also included in the self-study e-commerce course

In-House Bespoke Multi-channel Merchandising and Web Merchandising Program

We offer powerful in-house online merchandising programs focused on your company and products.

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